If you own a Toyota Prius and want to get better mileage in your ride, OEMtek has a upgrade worth considering. Or is it? Priced at $12,500 the upgrade is said to increase the mileage of the Prius to 100 MPG. That’s an expensive alternative for something that is untested. But according to OEMtek in a San Jose News article:

“There are people who want this right now, no matter what,” said Cindi Choi, vice president of business development and the de facto chief executive of the six-employee company.

OEMtek will be ready to convert about 30 Priuses as soon as March, Choi said. It has battery packs on hand and continues to do durability testing and other late-stage engineering work. Its Web site has a “buy” link where customers can pre-order the vehicle.

Choi’s “no matter what” references some questions potential buyers are likely to have.

It is interesting to read about some of the alternatives that some new companies are introducing. But the problem remains. What is the best option to eventually replace the standard gas engine?

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