Apparently, when things get tough, the tough start talking…on their cell phones, that is.

With the downturned economy, perhaps the wireless telecommunications carriers aren’t registering a reticence of the average consumer to part with more money. The announcement of unlimited calling plans, both for single lines and family plans seems to indicate that there is no stalling of the American mouth over the cellular networks. ‘Can you hear me now?’ will be replaced by ‘Hey! I’m still talking here!’

With the plans being unlimited, the pricing starts rather high – just a penny under $100 for a single line with Verizon, and no discounts for additional lines in bundled plans. There probably are many single people who will need these plans to save money overall, but I see very little use for the plans for families, as the per line charge does not go down.

One thing that people who sign up for these plans might not have thought of – phones, and their batteries are getting so small these days. Anyone who wishes to talk in an unlimited fashion better have a couple of spare batteries in the pocket, and a batch charger for them at home!

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