Back in October 2007, my wife and I had an unfortunate incident while trying to fly from Honolulu , HI. to Kona, HI. aboard a GO! airline flight. So when I read about two GO! airline pilots suspected of falling asleep during a flight to Hilo, HI., I wasn’t surprised. For thos of you who may go to Hawaii and need to take a hop between islands, I would highly suggest that you use another airline beside GO!. The news articles states:

HONOLULU — go! Airlines suspended two pilots who overshot a runway in Hilo last week who are under investigation for possibly sleeping.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the case.The go! Flight 1002 took off from Honolulu at 9:20 a.m. on Feb. 13. It was scheduled to land in Hilo at 10:05 a.m., but the plane flew beyond Hilo Airport and was out of contact with air traffic controllers for more than 20 minutes, officials said.

When CNN first aired this report, they indicated that not only were the pilots not in contact with ground personnel but were actually some 19 miles off course.

If your safety doesn’t matter, than GO for it! 🙂

Complete story is here.

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