Looking for the cutting edge in fuel efficiency? Want to have a car in your garage that uses a renewable source? Well the Air Car may be just for you. This futuristic vehicle, dubbed the Air Car, makes some pretty hefty promises:

The Air Car is a new generation of vehicle that finally solves the motorist’s dilemma: how to drive and not pollute at a cost that is affordable!

The Air Car is built with the high performance Compressed Air Technology (C.A.T.) developed by Formula One race car engineer Guy Negre. This technology is proprietary and protected by over 40 patents to date. Negre applied his years of knowledge and experience developing Formula One engines — which start with a kick of compressed air — to achieve this major first step towards his ultimate vision: enabling clean driving at any speed and for any distance, at a cost that makes it a reality for everyone.

A recent infusion of 20 million Euros from a 2007 licensing agreement with India’s No. 1 car manufacturer, Ratan Tata, has accelerated development at Guy Negre’s Nice, France production plant.

A six-seater model is the first Air Car scheduled to enter the US landscape. It will bring you the freedom of driving as much as you want or need without guilt. Freedom from soaring gas prices as well as freedom from pollution (only pure air exits its tailpipe).

The technology has been tested. Prototypes have been running. The Air Car is now entering its final development stage, leading to the Air Car you will drive.

Interesting concept. Pricing starts at $17,800. What do you think? Is the Air Car for real?

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Full specifications are here.