Easy Web site creation tools have risen in popularity, and there are plenty of services to choose from if you’re looking to create a Web presence for something. Of course, if you’re wanting to build a site for your business or for some other serious and somewhat professional endeavor, then it only makes sense to either use some of the more advanced tools or hire someone to give your site that fine polish that it needs, however, if you just want to have fun and share some information with a group of your friends and family, then the simple and free tools are the way to go. Jimdo qualifies as one of these simple and free tools.

The company is based in Germany, so you might encounter some content that you may not fully understand as someone who speaks English, but it’s really not a big deal. This is a multilingual service, so it’s accessible to a lot of people, which is great. If you can use a mouse then you can use Jimdo, and the service works well with content like pictures, RSS, and so on. You can even edit the code, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a ridiculously simple Web site creation tool?