It seems that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are now parents of twins. And these twins have earned more money for their parents that you and I could earn in a lifetime. Or two lifetimes. Or three lifetimes. Pictures of the babies have been sold:

“…Reports have estimated that People magazine is in talks with the star to buy rights to the first photographs of the baby boy and girl. It is rumoured that the celebrity magazine is willing to pay more than US$6m (£3m) for the pictures.”

link: Jennifer Lopez’s $6m twins

These funds invested could become a significant amount when the babies reach eighteen years of age. It would mean no student loans for whatever university they wish to attend if they needed a job. With the sale of the photographs, though, the babies have become a profit center. And they have become public figures at a very early age. The parents cannot request privacy in the future. A precedent has been set. The children are public income earners – to the tune of six million dollars, just to start.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations