Gnomie Brian Troisi writes in with his top five ways to ensure a productive workspace:

  1. Have a small container of pencils and a notepad. You’ll never know when you have to quickly jot something down on paper.
  2. Have plenty of lighting. It will make you more productive and you won’t have to strain your eyes.
  3. Have a comfortable chair. This is a big one. If you have a desk with an uncomfortable chair, it will be very hard to concentrate and you will want to leave!
  4. Be as ergonomic as possible. Have a wrist rest under the keyboard or use a thin keyboard such as the new Apple keyboard. Make sure the chair is adjustable and adjusted to the best height for looking down at work or looking at a computer monitor. Also, if possible, use an LCD monitor to prevent eyestrain.
  5. Try to be free of distractions. For some people, the computer itself may be a distraction (like when doing a boring spreadsheet). If you’re doing something you want to do (like me typing this list), it usually might not be a problem. But sometimes Web sites like YouTube beg you to watch videos and stuff and not get your work done! If you don’t have to use the Internet at all, it is recommended that you unplug the ethernet cable or turn off the Wi-Fi. Trust me. It really helps!