This could happen to anyone. While some might find humor in pointing out the perceived comedy of this verbal exchange, there are a couple of areas where the humor is left at the door.

  • The unknown caller is trying to frighten someone, likely on a fixed income, into giving up very personal information such as his account number to his bank account.
  • The unknown caller also appeared to have this individual’s residential address. While this is likely no more than something to frighten the target, it is a bit unnerving to the recipient of such a call.
  • The call was recorded. Despite attempting to make sure any Federal wiretap laws were in check by disclosing the fact the call was recorded, trying to play armchair detective without consulting a professional is dangerous these days. Leave wiretapping to the pros.

What is even more disturbing is recently I have been told by a number of people that these sorts of strange calls are becoming more frequent. That is frightening, especially if they happen upon someone who might lack the “finesse” that recipient of the call linked above presents.

So what do you think? Are these types of “phishing” calls a threat that can be compared to similar attacks over the Internet?