Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, widgets are here to stay. They provide easy access to live content, and if you can copy and paste some simple code, then you’re set. You can’t help but notice that premade widgets are being spread throughout Web sites, blogs, and social networks, but instead of just distributing them, some people are wanting to create their own widgets. This may have seemed like a complicated task when widgets as we know them today first hit the ground running, but now some services have been developed to simplify widget creation, and Sprout is just one of these services.

Sprout delivers on the promise of easy widget creation. Dragging and dropping elements is all that is really required to build your own solutions, and the entire Sprout interface is based online as it should be. Templates help you to get started, but you can easily add your own multimedia content and select from some of the useful components. Everything is customizable, and when you distribute what you’ve created, you and your followers can quickly post your widget anywhere online. The included statistics will show you how your widget is performing no matter where it’s located, and if you decide to make changes to what you’ve made, everyone that has published the widget on their property will receive the updates instantaneously. These are just some of the benefits that come from content that is truly live.