As an ex-Windows user, I cannot express in words how gratifying it is to be free from the mess that is Vista. Seriously, I have it, but it is certainly not my primary desktop. Today, I have something very concrete that proves the people at the top of the Microsoft hierarchy are just rolling the dice. This article sheds more light into the anarchy in Redmond than any rant I could put together ever could. And you know something, it will change nothing. The problem is not the people working there, they have some great ideas with fantastic employees. Unfortunately, their management is a total disaster in my humble opinion.

Now there are two things to consider here. One, this is a set of circumstances from the past. And two, we did see this with XP, be it not as bad as with Vista. I distinctly remember trying in vain to get our XP machine to work with our HP printer to no avail as the drivers released at the time would not work. So it is safe to say that some of this type stuff is normal for the Windows platform.

What is disgusting and inexcusable, is how MS has made it crystal clear that they have no interest in the end user experience and it is all about appeasing vendors, even if it means not being totally forthcoming. I have suspected it for years, this solidifies it for me. For those of you still happy with Windows, more power to you, at least you are providing jobs for the good people who worked to create it. Those are the individuals, who end up caught in the middle of PR hassles like this. And I genuinely feel for them.