My wife is a great cook, but as she knows, I’m more of a hindrance in the kitchen than anything else. Although I may have good intentions when it comes to helping her out, I usually end up messing something up, and when this happens, I’m sure she’d rather not have me in the kitchen. Each time that I review a Web site that has something to do with cooking, I’m always quick to confess my complete lack of skill in this area, and you should know that I’m not exaggerating in any way. One of the most important factors involved in cooking can be knowing which ingredients go well together, and SuperCook will help you out with this.

This service is even helpful for someone like me. It may not actually cook the food for you, but it does present you with some great recipes from a number of sources. All you have to do is enter in some or all of the ingredients that you have in your kitchen and it will tell you what can be made with what you already have. Some recipes will still require some ingredients that you may not have, but at least you’ll get a solid push in the right direction. Depending on the ingredients that you enter, results will be displayed for starters, entrees, and desserts.