It seems like people are still having problems getting Symantec or Norton software uninstalled off of their systems. The main problem seems to be that if Symantec or Norton software is not totally cleaned off of the system, it could interfere with other security software or also cause system freeze ups. In one of the forums I frequent, it was mentioned that over at Dave Taylors website he has a fairly good method to follow. So I dropped over to Dave’s site for a look-see. He has posted a step by step approach to uninstall the software which is located here.

Next I took a look around the Net and found this article from WindowsSecrets that covers other issues you may face when trying to get Symantec or Norton stuff off of your system. In this article it states a very good point:

Unfortunately, neither Symantec’s bundled uninstaller — nor a little-known, special utility from the company — removes every single thing.

This I believe where the problem is. It seems that Symantec likes to leave some stuff behind that they feel is necessary to prohibit folks from using there free 30 day trials, over and over again. Isn’t that just ducky. You can read the entire article as well as some great links here.

Over at PC Hell they have more information posted about the problem as well. You can take a look here for this information s well.

Hopefully one of these solutions will work for.

Comments welcome.

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