Well you got to give Steve Ballmer some credit for finally admitting that Vista has had some hardware and compatibility issues, but Vista is getting better. He also admits that Vista is over kill when it comes to security and feels it was ‘over tuned’. Because of this ‘over tuned’ security some other issues like ‘application compatibility’ were ignored. Oh yeah…..battery performance was forgotten as well. But all is going to be A-OK with Sp1. Well maybe not all is going to be A-OK but ‘Sp1 is a major milestone.’

I must admit that SP1 has addressed some issues on my system and that performance seems to be better. But I don’t think anyone can say exactly how much SP1 will solve issues until the masses install it and problems start to surface. If you don’t have any issues with Sp1 then you are one of the ‘milestones’. If you do have issues with SP1 I guess you will be classified as being unable to be considered a ‘milestone’.

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Complete eWeek article by Peter Galli is here.

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