I am always shocked and angered by stories like this. Roughly three years ago, I actually found myself in similar situation at a local Best Buy, rather than Staples. At the time, I also felt the need to speak up after hearing the complete line of nonsense being passed off as advice by their resident tech, but it was not all that well received. Nonetheless, it was given freely regardless.

Unlike the article above however, I would say this is a problem not bound by of age or gender – it happens to anyone not schooled in as a power user. And when we find ourselves watching events like the above unfold, we must decide right there and then if we should step up to point out the flaw in the argument.

These days, I am a little more reserved. I honestly try to avoid being in that position in the first place as it is just not very pleasant for anyone. If there is any one thing I would like to see more of however, it is honest individuals working at these stores who simply choose to stand up and explain what is really needed. But I guess this is just wishful thinking.