MonaRonaDona virus is making its presence known on the Internet and packs a feature that actually wants to sell you fake software. The writers of the software have come up with a message that states:

“Hi, My name is MonaRonaDona. I am a Virus & I am here to Wreck Your PC. If you observe strange behavior with your PC, like program windows disappearing etc, it’s me who is doing all this. I was created as a protest against the Human Right Violation being observed throughout the world & the very purpose of my existence is to remind & stress the world to respect humanity.”

When a unsuspecting users does a search for the virus, they are sent to fake sites that have articles about how to remove the bug, including some fake software that sells for $39. Yes the virus is than removed. But any good anti-virus software will do the same thing.

Over at Kaspersky they have stated:

Researchers at anti-malware software provider Kaspersky Labs theorize that it may be installed when unsuspecting users looking for a bargain install and run a fake utility program called RegistryCleaner 2008.

Bottom line. Be careful out there in cyberspace. The bad guys are always lurking about.

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Full story is here.

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