Gnomies Nathan and David write:

Hello there, Chris!

Music is a huge part of everyone’s life, and we’re sure your viewers will find a fresh set of music helpful; we hope these sites will help them out a bit. They are listed in no particular order as they are all great and serve their own purpose.

All of the above are easy to use and provide the same service in a slightly different way. Some do this better than others, but once again that’s up to user preference. The services are all quite fast and reliable and provide ways for the user to get to music quickly and without hassle. Some offer user accounts with pretty nifty features and additions that will increase the amount of pleasure one can have with the service, and they tend to have a large music database from which music is drawn.

Some services find and record the music styles and preferences of a listener and adjust what is being played accordingly, and others offer new and interesting ways in which music is chosen, and it happens quite often that new artists with the same sound that one likes is presented for you (especially Pandora), leading to the discovery of new artists and bands.

All in all, these Web sites are great, and have proven to be quite a useful tool when it comes to bringing something fresh into our listening spaces. We strongly encourage going through each and finding a service that best fits you — you wont be disappointed.