It has been well over two weeks since I originally decided to give Commodo 3 firewall a try, after reading some reviews indicating that the latest offering has been improved dramatically. So with this in mind I ventured over to the Commodo 3 Web site and downloaded its latest offering.

During installation I did nothing except to choose the recommended settings that the software company has provided to see just how well these default settings would work. I also didn’t want to change any settings that could skewer the results and cause any problems. With this in mind I just left things alone and let the software do its own thing. For you die-hard tweakers this may be hard to do. 🙂

The installation went smoothly and, after a reboot, Commodo 3 was on the job. The first thing I noticed when I opened up any software on my system, a Commodo 3 box came up stating it was learning the setting[s]. This can be turned off if you wish, but like I said, I was going to stick with the defaults as long as possible to see how everything would function without any user changes.

Well so far, so good. My system has been working fine and Commodo 3 is still handling all of the traffic without any noticeable incidents. But it is still early to see if all is really well, so I will continue to use the firewall for another few weeks. If for some reason things go bad, I will report that as well.

Comments welcome.