I’m not an artist in any way, but if i was, I’m sure that I’d love to paint on canvas. In fact, even though I’m not an artist, I still would like to experience what it’s like to paint on a canvas. I know that I could go out to almost any art supply store and purchase what I needed to make this happen, but like I said, I’m not an artist, so there’s not any motivation within me. With that said, I do have a of respect for artists, and although their tried and true methods of creating art are still useful today, technology has made it easier for both artists and artist wannabes to create their own personal works of art. Offtype.net is an online service that enables you to make images.

These images can range from full-blown art to something as simple as a message, and even though they are limited, the tools that are provided enable you to create most of what you want. Once your picture is saved, you can link to it, have people rate it and comment on it, and embed it. Additionally, the drawing tool itself is available as an embedded widget and a desktop application.