I have been enjoying the switch to my BlackBerry for some time now and I have to admit, all the recommendations I received to go this route were spot on. Despite seeing the iPhone beginning to make inroads in the corporate realm, it is just not something that I ever felt that good about it. Yes, I have tried one and it is slick. But it is just too “touch screen” for my taste. Guess that makes me really old fashioned…

Today I learned something interesting about BlackBerry and Google apps. It seems that Google is offering a Sync tool that uses your existing data plan to keep your native BB calendar in sync with your Google Calendar. This is neat, but there are some key reasons why I am just not onboard.

  • Privacy. Yes, I use Gmail, but it is not used for private correspondence. I also feel the same way about Google calendar, the TOS is just not up my alley.
  • I want native sync for my contacts and email as well, not just Google calendar. While Google touts the Gmail features for mobile users, I am simply not digging Gmail mobile. Gmail is fine on the desktop, but painful to use on a many mobile devices.
  • Tasks, anyone? To this day, Google has lost me on this one. This brings me back to Exchange every time.

Perhaps I am just resistant to putting all my eggs into one basket, but I am afraid despite the great ability to sync my local calendar with that of Google’s, seeing me switch from my personal BES is a long ways off still.