Well it looks like the iPhone is about to get TV on demand which is great so long as the network can coap with it.

For thous of you who don’t know BBC iPlayer allows people to watch TV programs from the past seven days that has been broadcast on the all the BBS channels.

The iPhone and iPod touch are able to stream shows from the iPlayer website over wi-fi networks. The iPhone cannot stream BBC video over the cell network. A BBC developer said that the corporation was currently working on other versions of the iPlayer for “many more” devices.

The version for iPhone and iPod touch users will allow streaming over a wi-fi connection. However, the EDGE mobile network used by the iPhone is too slow for streaming video.

The corporation has agreed a deal with wi-fi firm The Cloud to provide all BBC online services for free at its 7,500 hotspots.

Lucky iPhone users are expected to get this later this month!