Last night I purchased and installed the latest version of WebcamMax in an effort to create a live broadcast that suits what I would call a “Professional” broadcast. WebcamMax has a nice interface and some cool features, but lacks the concept of being relative, to live broadcasting on a professional level. There is no ideal menu system that mirros the standard menu. I was expecting to see a menu system that was somewhat familiar in nature.

 One of the big issues is the cause to lag my computer which is running Windows Vista Ultimate. I’m not sure how efficiently the software was written by its developer, but the usage of it for me has come to almost a complete halt. This software would be great for a highschool student who wants to mess around online with their live broadcast.

 What I would like to see in WebcamMax is the functionality to insert the current temperature where I am at from an external program. Maybe moreso having the ability to link different software together to work hand in hand with would pose useful. Overall I would like to see WebcamMax have more flexibility, reliability, and run efficiently.