It’s amazing how far digital imaging has progressed over the years. By just using an application like Photoshop, image experts can edit any number of images to become entirely different than what they started out as, and a lot of people are so skilled at performing these modifications that you can’t even tell that the pictures were doctored. Aside from master Photoshop users, people that just want to have fun can also use the software to create interesting images, and a lot of the time they’ll try to make themselves look like someone else. HairMixer may be an online service with very basic image editing functionality, but I guarantee that once you visit it, you’ll stick around for a while.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what you’d look like with a different hairstyle and body, then here’s your chance. You can choose from a selection of celebrity photos or you can upload your own photos. Once you’ve made your choices, you just crop the boxes around the faces and view the results. You’ll see the both the final image and a copy of it as the cover of a fake magazine. As you can imagine, the results are oftentimes very entertaining, so you’ll probably want to e-mail them to your friends or even use them to make your own shirts through integration with Zazzle.