Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, announced yesterday that the deal with DoubleClick is now official. In his blog posting Mr. Schmidt stated that the acquisition has taken almost a year and that with the final approval from the EU in place, the company will now complete the deal and start to integrate with Double-Click immediately. He also stated that:

As the combination of Google and DoubleClick delivers better, more relevant display ads, we’re also looking forward to delivering an improved online experience to users. Because user trust is paramount to the success of our business, users will continue to benefit from our commitment to protecting user privacy following this acquisition. And our scale and infrastructure mean that users will also be spending less time waiting for web pages to load. Ultimately, we believe that by combining our advertising network with DoubleClick’s display ad serving products, and by investing resources in the display ad business, we will be able to help publishers and advertisers generate more revenue. That in turn will fuel the creation of even more rich and diverse content for Internet users everywhere.

With this in mind, for those of us who use AdSense, this could mean more meaningful ads in the future and an increase of revenue.

Full blog posting here.

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