I remember about 5 years ago having a conversation with a friend of mine, a die hard Mac user, who would chastise me and my PC usage. His opinion was that a Mac could do no wrong and therefore neither could a Mac user. So one evening I took a trip on the Internet to a Mac user group located in Berkeley, California. Surprise, surprise! Those Mac Heads were having just as many issues with their boxes as we PC users were having. Armed with this ammunition I confronted my friend and enlightened him to my new found knowledge and asked why he never mentioned these Mac misgivings? His answer ” you never asked.” Priceless.

In my journeys I found this article over at the Houston Chronicle from Dr. Mac telling the masses the following about why you gotta have more RAM in your Mac to improve performance:

The bottom line is that the more programs and documents you have open, the less free RAM you have available. The less free RAM you have, the slower your Mac will run.

And if your hard disk is almost full, the problem is exacerbated.

Next week: What to do if your Mac has too little RAM and/or free disk space.

Gee. I bet next week the advice will be if you have too little Ram, add some more.

My point. The PC and Mac hardware are closer relatives than people would have us believe. 🙂

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Full Dr. Mac article is here.

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