With so many Web services out there on the Internet today, it can be very easy to get lost in the tangled mess. If you’re like me, then you probably have content spread out across multiple services, and although these services are supposed to simplify and enhance your life, when you add them all up, many times they end up complicating things. Instead of forcing your community to keep track of what you’re doing on a collection of separate sites and services, wouldn’t it make more sense to create one destination that contains this selected information? That’s what Second Brain is for.

I’m all about being organized, and Second Brain enables us to organize our online lives. Select the services and provide the account information for the content resources such as YouTube and Flickr that you’d like to include in your Second Brain. Once these initial steps are taken, you can then form collections of your content and search through all of it. Functionality like this is almost becoming a necessity due to content overload, and I’m glad to see that efforts are being made to consolidate everything.