I have been watching the whole web apps things for sometime now and I think I have seen it all. From Microsoft HTA’s to Google Gears, everyone is offering something to get people to believe in the idea of web based applications. Now Mozilla is pitching their own made for the Web, but execute it on your desktop option. Unlike Adobe’s AIR, Mozilla’s Prism is in fact cross platform on all three platforms.

And after “building” a few of my own applications today (took about 2 minutes), I have to say, it does exactly what it claims. The sad thing is unless more features can be provided and fast, this is going to be seen as a stripped down version of Firefox.

What has frustrated me the most is the amazing way the documentation is nearly useless. Seriously, there is more talk about creating pop-up alerts, yet no one explains how it is accomplished anywhere! I keep hearing about this feature and yet to see it in practice along with a clear, concise code sample. Then after about an hour of scrounging, I found it. Well, sort of…

At this stage of the game, I am still reviewing the idea before jumping on board or dismissing it. Maybe I can find a good use for something like this?