Over at The Consumerist, they have an article about a problem with a Dell system. It seems that a Dell laptop owner states he has a cracked laptop screen through no intervention on his part. In this tale he seems to indicated that the screen just cracked. Not from dropping or from other abuse on his part. In his story he stated:

I need some help; Some help dealing with Dell.

I purchased a DEll XPS 1530 (red) edition at the end of January. Being the geek that I am, and have had a laptop last up to 4 years (an iBook G4) without problems, so why get insurance?

On (roughly) day 45, as I finished a paper, I closed the laptop. I unplugged it from the charger, set the laptop on the table, unplugged the charger form the wall, grabbed my M1530 off the table and walked upstairs.

I opened the laptop up after I plugged in the charger to the wall and laptop and sat down in my room. There was a huge crack in the LCD screen that starts the the bottom of the screen, which was next to the hinge of the laptop.

$1300, 45 days and there is a huge crack in the screen, that honestly, shouldn’t have happened. If they didn’t make such cheap products, that wouldn’t have happened.

He goes on to state that Dell wants to charge for a repair which Dell has concluded is not covered by warranty. To their credit The Consumerist has advised the owner to contact a Dell advocate and provided a contact known as [email protected], which seems to be good advice.

Which brings up an interesting point. Not about whether the cracked screen was the fault of the owner or not, nor whether the problem should be covered by the Dell warranty, since like Joe Friday we don’t have all the facts. But more about the importance of having the ability to contact Dell advocates for assistance.

To Dell’s credit we now have two people in which Dell owners can seek help.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Complete story here.

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