Sarah Coles writes:

Hi Chris,

You may have seen that a new site launched last week called Skewz, which is an interactive site that allows users to submit political stories from mainstream media and online blogs, discuss and rate them (i.e. “Skew”) according to left or right angle. The innovative site sorts and categorizes news to its degree of liberal or conservative slant, using user feedback.

It has already received positive attention from its potential competitor, Microsoft’s Blews. In fact, a scientist at Microsoft’s Live Labs recently wrote the following:

“Skewz is definitely worth checking out. Part of the user experience is to report your own particular point of view… The result is a digg-like experience with a richer set of features (digg has, essentially, a single variable whereas Skews has at least two depending on how you count them).”

The full text is here.

The purpose of Skewz is to democratize political news by meaningfully sorting through it — without having one editor or one small group of people decide what political news is important and what isn’t. Like,, and Reddit, Skewz compiles all the news in one place, but Skewz is completely specialized in political topics.