If you would like to dress up your photo’s, there is a site linked below that will provide you with 18 templates for use with Picasa. Look to the right of the screen for downloading instructions. You can either use tha manual download or full auto setup if you wish. On the site it states:

18 Free Picasa Flash and HTML templates to showcase your photos

Here are some Picasa web templates to create web Flash and HTML photo galleries and slideshows using Google’s Picasa without any knowledge of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Use these free templates to showcase your photos and images.

Web publishing for digital photographers made easy; how to create a photo gallery in 5 seconds

With Picasa and one of these templates you can create an attractive web gallery in just a few clicks. Feel free to download them and adjust colours etc. to your preferences. Many people already have created their own galleries using these templates. Some have added some personal flavour.

You can’t beat free! Comments welcome.

Template site is here.

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