A brokerage firm by the name of Avian whose research covers the tech industry is reporting that an unknown computer manufacturer is receiving a 20 to 30% return on laptops fitted with SSD [solid state drives]. According to the article at PC World no one knows for sure who the PC company is and no one is confirming this is happening. Dell, which has been pushing SSD in its laptops, would not confirm the rate of failures. According to the article:

The findings do not reflect well on the current trend toward SSD-based laptops. Offered by manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Sony, they are significantly more expensive than conventional laptops, with the price tag justified by characteristics such as light weight, silence and fast data access speeds.

Naturally any new product is going to experience some growing pains. Because of this it is sometimes best to wait before diving into any new technology. It would seem that SSD is one of those newbies that should be avoided for now.

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Full article is here.