There are times when help forums are the first indicators that there are problems. And it seems that Vista SP1 has its problems, if the initial indication are correct. One recurring problem is that there is a unusual memory consumption. Some reports are that the memory spikes slow the system to the point that nothing works.

This is anecdotal data. The sample size is decidedly small. However, Paul McDougall at InformationWeek is reporting similar problems:

“…Iggy33 was just one of dozens of posters complaining about Vista Service Pack 1’s effect on their PCs. “What a disaster,” wrote “SeppDietrich” of the update. “It exiled all my Nvidia drivers to the Bermuda Triangle.””

link: Windows Vista SP1 Wreaks Havoc On Some PCs, Users Complain

If you are noticing anomalies after installing Vista SP1, you are not alone. This could be an “e-ticket ride”.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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