I just got a sale blurb from TigerDirect on a sale they are having and one of the items were [2] two Ultra antistatic wrist straps for the price of [1] one. It wasn’t the sale that peeked my interest, but it made me wonder how many people used a wrist strap when they are working on a computer? Or how many people even knew that wearing a antistatic strap was even recommended?

When working on electronic equipment such as a computer, using an antistatic wrist strap helps to prevent the electrostatic discharge that could damage electronic components. However, many inexpensive wrist straps use a metal plate to connect to the skin, which over time can corrode and render the wrist strap useless. So when purchasing a wrist strap for extended use a good quality wrist strap is recommended. The wrist strap connects to the users wrist and a alligator clip hooks onto a exposed metal piece of the computer case.

In addition to wrist straps, some companies employ an antistatic mat as well. But for most home users a wrist strap should be sufficient.

So do you use a wrist strap when working on the inside of a computer?

Comments welcome.

TigerDirect sale is here.