I think it is finally time to seriously consider everything as the title states above. In fact i think we should be past the state of consideration, and we should be past the state that i should be worrying about talking about this. This is a serious message that all world leaders, and in-fact peopleĀ in my opinion should take to heart. We are being selfish, and self-centered as human beings. You are probably wondering what i am trying to say. I mean what are we doing postponing the problem for the next generation, and our offspring. In my opinion it is very rude of us to do all of the talking and then just leave it for others. I think our world is more important than keeping a factory open.

Since our world leaders are doing a very poor job of this, lets all start right now, and take the initiative. Stop all pollution, and stop emitting Greenhouse Gases.

Bradley Bradwell


[email protected]