Oh it was the good old days of taking the train to each town, and having the excitement of the first telephone call. Or that is what the seniors of our world and elderly thought. Well a lot has changed since then, and i think that it is important that we introduce our senior citizens to all of this new technology. Here are some tips i came up with for helping seniors with technological problems.

1- Be simple. Most elderly people presently probably don’t even understand what a folder is. NO NO NO Grandpa, i’m not talking about the paper ones. I’m talking about the ones that are on the computer. With the elderly try to stay away from tech savey phrases like download, or upload. Try and take a simpler approach like ” I’m putting this on your computer” or” I am putting this from your computer onto the Internet”. Most of the time all of these technological words can just confuse the elderly and sometimes the younger citizens of our world. Take your time when speaking to them and make sure that they understand what your are talking about.

2- Take it slow, and explain everything. Just like trying to learn anything. Learning about how to use technology can be difficult. With the elderly make sure you have a half an hour to explain a fifteen minute process. Make sure they understand what you are talking about, and show them in the easiest way possible. They are most likely not going to remember about the different files they have to click on. Try and make it easy for them to access, and maybe go over it a few times to make sure that they remember what you have just told them.

3-Remind them- The elderly are probably not going to remember everything you say to them. Assure them and remind them what you do and how you do it. If you have to take five minutes and explain everything all over, DO IT. It really effects them mentally if they don’t understand the concept, especially in technology. By the end of the day they will probobly understand the basic concept of what you are trying to say.

That’s about all. The really key thing is that you stay calm, and have fun with what you are doing. Just think of what you and the senior citizen will feel once you both accomplish a project. It will make the hassle less on you, and it will make someone else feel happy that they have learnt something new. These steps may not only be for seniors. Anyone who is not tech savey may need your calm guidance. Just be patient, and enjoy.




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