Known as ECS [Electronic Stability Control] is a feature on some new cars that can help drivers avoid accidents. In the April 2008 edition of Consumers Magazine they will only give the coveted top car honors to a vehicle that employs ESC no matter how high other vehicles rate. The folks at CM feel that ESC is the best safety improvement for motor vehicles since the seat belt became a mandatory safety feature.

So what is ESC? Basically it is a computer controlled system that uses the anti-lock braking system to apply the brakes to individual wheels, control engine power and also add traction control to maintain vehicle stability. The vehicle senses driver input and can correct slides, under steer and over steering.

Does it work? Sure does. Though many companies offer ESC as an option, the KIA Sportage I leased in 2007 came with it. Last week during a heavy rain storm I was coming down a major artery in which a vehicle pulled in front of me while making a left hand turn. I swerved to avoid the collision and the vehicle took over with the ESC system. No skid, so slide, just straight through traction back in the direction I originally was coming from. The ESC system I have also comes with traction control to help in mud or snow situations.

ESC is so good that the feds are making it a mandatory features in all 2012 vehicles.

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