Microsoft is offering a test drive of Windows Vista Ultimate without having to install the operating system onto your computer. You can run the system right through your browser to see what you think of the new OS. In addition to testing the OS, videos and tutorials are also provided to assist a new user into the ins and outs of the OS.

Microsoft states:

The test drive is intended for evaluation purposes only.

  • The test drive requires Internet Explorer 6 or later, a browser plug-in, and a broadband Internet connection. A minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution is recommended.
  • There is no product support for the test drive. You are welcome to participate in a Microsoft Windows Vista newsgroup to share your trial experiences with others and ask for advice. Find a Windows Vista Newsgroup.
  • The Windows Vista version hosted in the test drive contains most of the functionality of the regular versions, but browsing the internet is not enabled.
  • You may notice a slight delay or pause as you experience the product. This is due to the fact that this is a hosted trial and is dependent upon your bandwidth, local machine resources, etc. This does not necessarily represent the actual experience you will have with Windows Vista if it were installed on your PC.

So take Vista Ultimate for a spin and see what you think. Let us know what your experience with this trial has been after you use it.

Comments welcome as always.

Try Vista Ultimate for free here.