We know that the things a person has doesn’t make them who they are as a person, but whether you have a lot of stuff or just a small collection of possessions, it’s only natural to enjoy what you have. You may not love everything, but I’m sure that you at least have some stuff that you’re proud of. The fact that you enjoy certain possessions doesn’t make you materialistic, but it can be fun to talk about what you have with others, and you can learn a lot about what a person enjoys by seeing what possessions they take pride in. The Internet gives us multiple ways to talk about ourselves, and now we can talk about our things on Stuffable.

It’s a simple idea, but it works. Stuffable is like a virtual show and tell, except this time you don’t have to be in elementary school to participate. Pictures can be displayed of whatever it is that you want to show off, and you can tell the story behind each item, assuming that it has one. Users are able to attach a monetary value to their items, and other members can make offers to try and get those items. A Facebook application is also available in addition to groups where people are encouraged to come together to discuss their common interests.