If you are interested in purchasing a new laptop system, take a look at what Dell is offering. They will knock off $500 on a Vostro business system costing $1249 or more. Basically what this means is that you can get a powerful system for $749 with a 17″, screen, plenty of RAM & hard disk space, if you configure it properly.

As I have previously mentioned, since these are business system, you get better technical support than you would with a consumer product. Seems that Dell uses technical support where the people actually speak English as their primary language. You can also get on-site technical support as an option if you update the warranty options.

In addition you can still get Windows XP factory loaded. You also have the option to dump the crapware as well.

Take a look at what Dell is offering and see what you think and let us know.

Comments welcome.

PS I configured a 17″ laptop including 3 year on-site support for $811. This was one powerful system including a 256MB video card. 🙂

Dell Vostro laptops here.

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