I received an email this morning from a relative asking for help in receiving email thru their Comcast account which is being sent via a Yahoo account. It seems that Comcast is filtering out some Yahoo emails because of spaming. In their response Comcast states:

“Thank you for contacting Comcast. My name is Patricia, and I appreciate
you taking the time to contact us.

I understand you are unable to receive messages from a Yahoo.com e-mail address. Comcast has recently made changes to our filters and is now
blocking e-mail messages sent from domains that do not have their Reverse Domain Name System set up correctly.

In keeping with industry standards and best practices, any e-mail sent from an IP address that resolves to a hostname determined to be in Dynamic IP space will be r ejected. When that happens, the following error message will be returned: “Comcast does not support the direct connection to its mail servers from residential IPs. Your mail should be sent to Comcast.net users through your ISP.” You will need to contact your ISP with this information so the server your e-mail is being sent from can be configured correctly.

You can find out more information about Reverse Domain Name Systems, as well as information for your ISP or Network administrator by following
this link:


Please respond to this e-mail if you have any further questions. ”

Interesting. I seriously doubt contacting Yahoo is going to elicit a response nor is Yahoo going to change their server settings for one email client. Especially since these type of accounts are free and only affect Comcast so far.

My advice was to switch to a Gmail account instead.

But I guess my questions is does anyone else have this problem? If so, was there a work around for it?

Comments welcome.

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