All you have to do is look at services like Flickr and YouTube to see that people are creating more content than ever before. Now that technology makes it easy for us to record what we see, a lot of us can be found recording anything and everything. Many times we freely upload and share our content with the world, which is great, but for some people that are trying to make a living from all of their work or maybe even just one specific picture or video, there are ways to get paid for what you’ve captured. For example, Cutcaster is an online marketplace for pictures and videos.

Believe it or not, there are people out there that are willing to license your work for their projects, and Cutcaster connects buyers and sellers so that the hardest part is done for you. Simply enough, you upload your content and then set the price that you want to license it for. If you’re not quite sure how much to charge, you can use the Cutcaster algorithm to determine the right price for you based on the current conditions of the market. My pictures and videos aren’t anything special, but if they were, I’d probably at least try to license them on Cutcaster.