On their web site Intel describes WiMax as:

Intel® WiMAX will deliver extended broadband Internet beyond Wi-Fi. With wireless high-speed broadband connectivity for your PC, WiMAX-enabled laptops and mobile devices will provide you the freedom to connect to the Internet just as you do with your cell phone service. With speeds similar to DSL or cable and faster than using your cell phone service to connect, WiMAX will allow you to access all the data-intensive applications you love, including streaming media on the Internet, live video conferencing, mobile TV and more while on the move.

In some articles I have read about WiMax it has been best described as Wi-Fi on steroids. Some are claiming that WiMax can reach up to 60 miles through the airwaves. This alone would be intriguing especially for those who live in areas where high speed Internet still is unavailable.

Over at Sprint-Nextel they have setup a website dubbed XOHM which is dedicated to WiMax and provides some additional information about what WiMax should hold in store for us. Sprint-Nextel states:

The Internet Released

A change is coming, be a part of it. Join us as we begin breaking down the barriers between the limits of today’s Internet and the way it should be: fast, easy and open

Advantages: Cut Loose

Xohm’s wireless broadband will let you enjoy the Internet your way — anytime, anywhere in your Xohm coverage area, on any WiMAX enabled device at a great price.

Technology: the Power of WiMAX

The advanced, next generation technology making Xohm’s wireless broadband one of the most open and spontaneous internet experiences available.

 Xohm Tomorrow:

Open Possibilities Expanding Xohm coverage and access for cameras, phones, navigation systems and other WiMAX-enabled devices will create exciting new connectivity opportunities.

So the biggest question I have is when is this going to happen? It seems that Intel has been plugging this technology for some 5 years. I even read an article which stated that W-Max should be hitting the street by mid 2008.

So what do you think? Is WiMax coming or is this just hype?

Comments welcome.

Sprint-Nextel site is here.

Intel website on WiMax is here.

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