After a year and a half of testing, Scot Finnie has finally concluded which is the best of the best when it comes to firewall protection. Needless to say it wasn’t the built in firewall supplied by Microsoft. 🙂 But before we discover who Scot has given the honor to, I want to commend Scott for his tenacity is staying in for the long haul. A long haul that has included email battles between himself and executives at Comodo when Scot criticized their product.

Scot’s winner for firewall of 2008 is given to Online Armour. Scot states:

There are many reasons why I’ve selected Online Armor
(OA) as the best software firewall for Windows users; the rest of this
story delivers the details. But boiled down to a single thought, the
most important reason is this: Online Armor offers the best blend of a
high degree of protection with a high level of usability.

That may sound simplistic, but in this software category such a balance
is the toughest thing for a software development company to achieve.
It’s very easy to throw up a blizzard of pop-up user-prompts. You can
make your system so secure that you’ll never want to use it again. It’s
also easy to dumb down the security so much that you’ll rarely, if
ever, see a pop up — and in the process, render the firewall
ineffective. The trick is to offer solid protection with minimal user
interruptions. OA 2.1 is the only firewall software I’ve tested that
delivers a near-perfect balance.

That pretty much states Scot’s feeling about which is the best of the best. He than goes on to say that Comodo is a very fine product as well. 🙂

I have been using Comodo 3 the free edition for well over a month. Though it does have some overly protective pop ups, it is not so offensive as to cause me to stop using it. I haven’t full explored OA but will be taking a look at it.

You can read Scot’s newsletter from here.

See what you think and share your opinion. What software do you think is the best firewall?

Comments welcome.

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