Yesterday I received a comment from a reader named Luis in which he described a problem he was having using the built in Backup and Restore feature of Windows Vista. He described his problem as:

Hi, I have a huge problem and cannot find
anything related to it on the internet. I’m running Vista Ultimate on
an HP Media Center Pavillion. Because of a number of bugs in the Vista
system I decided to restore a “Complete Windows Restore” from a backup
I made when everything worked fine. I am able to restore ok .. but when
I boot up into windows many system programs and resources say something
like: “so and so program has stopped working .. Windows will notify you
when a solution comes available .. close”. I’ve tried everything
including reformatting the drive and doing a clean install of Vista
Ultimate .. but whenever I do the restore I get the same thing. I have
stripped the computer to bare essentials and still have the same
problem. I can’t even do the windows system check because the same
popup comes up with the same type of message.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I’ve been at this for
almost a week and I’m this close to pulling Vista out and installing XP.


After some back and forth questioning I learned that this was happening every time he tried to do a Restore from a Backup he had made. Since I do not use this built in feature, I had no personal knowledge on why this was happening. So I did a Google and found a page from a Microsoft employee who had a site and links to some possible solutions to the problem.

Over the years I have tried many a software which claimed to Backup up Windows and do a complete Restore in case disaster struck. For the most part I have been disappointed with the results. The proof in the pudding is not the fact that the software will make a Backup, most softwares do that just fine. But it is the Restore process that fails. What good is a Backup if you can’t restore your system?

I personally use Acronis True Image and find that it flat out just works.

But what has your experience been using the built in Vista Backup and Restore? Share your thoughts with us. Also if you have a favorite Backup program let us know what you use.

Comments welcome.

Microsoft web site is located here.

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