Currently OEM’s are allowed to offer systems with Windows XP installed until June 30, 2008. But some industry analysts seem to feel that this date may be extended again. Why? Traditionally businesses have always waited until the first service pack is issued before upgrading their systems. But what makes Vista different is its high hardware requirements plus the perception that it runs slower than Windows XP.

There is another problem that Microsoft may face. They did to good of a job with Windows XP. After SP2 most of the bugs and holes were mended and we ended up with an extremely stable system that was relatively crash proof. XP still offers users value which a pretty GUI may not be enough to overcome. I still hear people saying in public how much Vista sucks, even when they haven’t even used the new OS.

We have all read various articles that attempt to put the blame on Vistas problems dues to high hardware requirements, slow performance or a lack of software compatibility. But there is another difference that separates the release of Windows XP in 2001 and Vista being released in 2006. In those 5 years there was an tremendous increase in the amount of people blogging on the Internet. Also a large growth in the number of people joining social networks. In essence, more people using the Internet to communicate with each other. So when someone said that Vista sucked it spread throughout the world in a flash.

So Microsoft is having a hard time trying to convince businesses to make the switch to Vista. But will SP1 make a difference? Maybe. Only time will tell. Microsoft has a decision to make. Force businesses into Vista or to extend XP availability.

So what do you think will happen?

Comments welcome.

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