In a cruel hoax someone posted on craigslist the address of a man in Oregon and indicated that everything on his property was free for the taking. The homeowner, who wasn’t at home at the time, became suspicious when he received a call about his free horse. On his way back to his home he spotted vehicles with his possessions heading the opposite way.

Even after arriving at his home, and with some 30 people taking his stuff in front of his eyes, the man had trouble convincing the people that his stuff was not for free. People showed the man the ads from craigslist stating the free offer. It wasn’t until police arrived that people started to scatter, some fleeing the scene with this guy’s stuff.

The cops are still trying to track down the suspects who made off with this poor guy’s belongings after the man provided the police with several license numbers. The cops are also trying to figure out how and who placed the ad on craigslist with the freebie offer.

When I first read this article my first thoughts were how is this guy going to prove to his insurance company that he didn’t place the ad himself?

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