This past Monday I wrote about Creative Labs position concerning a driver writer who they stated they wanted to cease his activities. [Monday’s article is here.]Today on their forum, Creative Labs seems to have a change of heart and will accept outside assistance. So what made Creative do a 180 turn-a-round?

It was the loyal Creative Labs customers that made their voices heard. After taking on the Creative Labs staff and dropping the ‘we won’t buy your stuff’ bomb, the folks at Creative took notice. We sometimes forget how much influenece we consumers can have in the market place.

Look at Dell as an example. The folks at Dell setup a forum just to hear the ideas of the consumer. I don’t believe that every idea is accepted by Dell. But in having Dell create Linux boxes, it was a step in the right direction. Even Microsoft listens sometimes. When the Redmond giant extended the life of Windows XP until June of this year, MS listened to both consumers and OEM’s. As previously stated there may be a chance that the life of XP could be extended once again.

Though many will take credit for some of these changes, it is the consumer who should get the credit.

What do you think? Does the consumer have a say in the tech. market?

Comments welcome.

Creative Labs forum article is here.

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