I love polls. They’re simple, informative, and easy to understand. If you want to get a quick overview of what people are thinking, then there’s really no better way to do it than a poll. The introduction of interactive polls on the Internet has enhanced what polls can do, and new methods of participation in and consumption of information are once again transforming the way that polls work. Poll Everywhere isn’t your standard online polling service because it includes support for text message voting.

You’ve seen text message voting before on television shows like American Idol, but now you can gather information in the same way with Poll Everywhere. A variety of paid accounts are available, but a free option does exist so that you can try out the service with a limited number of people. The polls are easy to create, and you can share and export the results in a variety of ways. Since people are becoming more attached to their cell phones, it only makes sense that you’d offer support for text message voting in addition to online voting, which is also available. This is a great tool for presenters and anyone else who wants to find out what the public is thinking.