Intel seems to have created a new acronym called MID which stands for Mobile Internet Device. According to their press release Intel is on the way to a completely new set of devices powered by their very own Atom processor. Not only is Intel ready, willing and able to deliver these new chips right away, they are saying these new devices will be rolling out in June of 2008.

According to the Intel press release:

The technology package includes the Intel® Atom™ processor (formerly
codenamed “Silverthorne”) plus a single-chip with integrated graphics
called the Intel® System Controller Hub that enables PC-like
capabilities, an uncompromised Internet experience and long battery
life in smaller devices that can fit in your pocket. Manufacturers
around the world are planning to ship Intel-based MIDs beginning this

MIDs are truly mobile devices that enable the best Internet
experience in pocketable devices. MIDs will allow consumers to
communicate, entertain, access information and be productive on-the-go,
and are expected to represent a new class of next-generation,
Internet-based portable video players, navigation devices, converged
tablets and other consumer products.

I think these new MID’s will change the way most of us compute.

Do you see a MID in your future?

Comments welcome.

Full Intel press release is here.

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