All you have to do is turn on the TV, the radio or log in online to know just how bad things have become over here (“here” being the United States), gas prices are insanely high, the words “Home Foreclosure” could easily be put into a Medical Dictionary under “Epidemic” and the term “Stay the course” has quite literally Run it’s course. Depending who you talk to, we have already begun our decent into a recession.

I myself have seen the signs of recession in my own household (as I’m sure many of you out there have as well). My wife took up housecleaning a short while ago to help offset our constantly increasing expenses. No, we are not buying more, actually, we have cut down on a great many things, but we are certainly spending more these days… (see rising gas prices above). In the past weeks however, clients of hers have begun canceling her services, not because she does a bad job, or even that she charges too much, but because they themselves are feeling the pinch. Of course we can’t blame them, as they actually do feel bad for having to cancel. One woman almost came to tears when telling my wife she could no longer afford to have her house cleaned. She loved having my wife come over once a week as she actually enjoyed her company, plus the woman who’s house she was cleaning is arthritic and suffers terribly even doing dishes. But she simply couldn’t afford the extra expense. Not with the rising costs of everything else while her income stayed the same.

Of course Mr. Bush will waste no time to disagree with all these facts. Yet he saw the need to issue the equivalent of a government grant by issuing us somewhat meager checks. Well this is a fine short term solution… these checks will last my family about 20 minutes as it should be about enough for us to catch up so we can be only 1 month behind on our bills instead of 2 months in hole. I can’t help but to actually resent this offer, after all it’s just another ploy, beat us down, rob us blind then give us a small monetary gift to help “spark the economy”. Yet you can bet gas prices will remain higher than ever and the costs to heat our homes will continue to climb as well.

Not that I need to remind any of you, but I will say it anyway… since Mr. Bush has been in office he has single handedly crumbled our economy, divided the country, engaged us in a needless war, crushed the constitution, ignore global warming (despite ALL the warning signs) and has also made America & Americans the number one target of terrorism. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I sarcastically say: “Thanks!”

At the very least we have an election coming up and thankfully, Mr. Bush will be out. But just the same, politics are still politics. All we can do is hope for the least likely person to screw things up the most.

We have Obama and his inexperience, we have Hillary and her corruption and finally we have McCain and his ego. Not looking like the light at the end of the tunnel is exactly gleaming is it? At least at this point, Hillary isn’t faring too well in her presidential bid. And I’m from NY… she’s no dream let me tell you!

I’m no political analyst, I’m an average guy who is seeing what is going as well as growing tired of digging deeper into my pockets, working longer hours just so I can be a little less behind on my bills. It’s a no win situation.

The only bright spot I have seen in the last few years are the truck drivers, the bog boys driving the big toys. They are taking a stand and good for them! Shutting their engines down, getting out and protesting, hit those big government bastards where it hurts the most: their pockets for a change. I hope there are more people like them willing to take a stand.

Til then, I’ll probably be seeing you at the bread lines!