Over at dell they are shifting their focus from custom configured systems to stock systems with little if any choice in the configurations. Dell who had previously been noted for the flexibility they offered when ordering a new PC, is now changing its focus and is choosing a business model that mimics HP and others in the industry. The change can be best described as WYSIWYG. [What you see is what you get.]

Over at the Hosuton Chronicle they quoted Dell sources as saying:

Dell, the personal-computer maker that pioneered selling custom-made machines directly to clients, is moving away from its build-to-order model to reduce costs.

Dell is limiting the degree to which buyers can dictate specifications, while expanding its line of pre-packaged models, operations chief Mike Cannon said today. Dell will also outsource more PC manufacturing to partners, he said.

The company is working to revive earnings and win back customers after trailing Hewlett-Packard Co. in the PC market for six straight quarters. To fuel sales, Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell last year abandoned a strategy of only selling to customers directly and put the company’s computers in more than 10,000 retail outlets.

I think this is going to also help those of us who repair computers as well. In the past it was sometimes difficult, even using the service tag, to figure out the correct configuration on some Dell models that had been modified. I can also see the benefit to the Dell site when ordering a system. Currently there are to many choices IMHO.

What do you think? Will this help Dell or not?

Comments welcome.

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